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Kevin - Stranger #3

December 14, 2016

Kevin - #3

I met Kevin lounging alone outside the local store. After he agreed to let me take his portrait I learned that he is from the village of Amamonta, nearby. He is employed by the same organization I work for, though I'm sure I've never spoken with him before. He was killing time before starting work. Kevin's first wife died in 2007, leaving him with four children. Five years later he remarried. His oldest is now 18.

After I thanked him and started to walk away, the young duck I had just purchased at the market jumped out of the bottom of my child's stroller where it had been contentedly (or so I thought) riding, and tried to make an escape. Kevin laughed as I chased the duck and recovered it. I told him that I used to raise ducks when I was young, and the duckling was an impulse buy. Together we hoped that my husband wouldn't be too upset when he saw what I brought home!

You can keep up with my project by visiting the 100 Strangers Gallery on this website. If you'd like to learn more about the project, visit the 100 Strangers Flikr Group Page.

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