Impromptu portraits

November 20, 2017

Two middle children, mom and son, on an unplanned outing on a rather pleasant November afternoon.  Actually, I was scouting out potential new portrait locations, and I invited this guy to hang out with me.  I had no expectations of having him pose for me, but we were having fun "exploring" together and he was willing, and so this is what we ended up with. 

I find that when I have obvious expectations for the type of behavior or pose that I want when photographing children and I try to force that idea on them, the process can become combative in a hurry.  It's much more productive to have fun and go with the flow.  He might refuse to lower the hood of his jacket, or may insist that his trusty frog sidekick be in half of the photos, but we end up with some genuine expressions and more importantly, some positive memories about the experience.

A portrait session with children should not be a battle of wills - it should be a collaborative experience that they can enjoy participating in... at least that's what I aim for.  I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't always happen that way!

On a side note, and I'm probably very biased, but isn't he handsome?

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