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Hello Baby

December 4, 2017

Recently I was able to photograph a birth.  It actually wasn't my first time in a delivery room with a camera.  Years ago, before I had any kids of my own,  before I knew the first thing about photography, I found myself in a crowded hospital delivery room, feeling very unsure of myself and wielding a video camera for a friend!  I just remember that at the time, I was terrified of messing up!

This time was different.  I've been through the birth experience myself three times, my camera is like an extension of my arm these days, and I was so eager to be there that I would have skipped out on Thanksgiving dinner had she gone into labor that day.  (Thankfully this little guy let me have my turkey and a full night's sleep.  He thoughtfully came in the morning...)

The day was very special, and I was so glad to be there documenting these moments.  Babies grow so fast, and he will never be this small again.  Welcome to the world little one.  You have a great big family that is so happy to meet you!

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