Behind The Lens - susanfreyphoto

I wouldn't exactly call myself a nomad... I'm too settled for that.  More a person with split allegiances when it comes to naming "home." 

I grew up in Colorado, but then I married an Oregonian, and so when in the United States, I have two homes.  Then there is Papua New Guinea,  my adopted home where I have lived and worked for a big slice of my adult life, and where my kids have primarily been raised.

I've always loved the art of photography, but I didn't learn it for myself until my mom gave me a DSLR one Christmas, saying, in effect, "If you're going to raise my grandchildren halfway around the world, you'd better at least send me some good pictures of them!"  Thanks mom, for the kick in the pants.  Turns out photography is a perfect fit for a primarily left-brained, analytical thinker with a creative streak.

My absolute favorite thing to photograph is people, because in people I most clearly see the amazing and creative hand of God.  No two people are the same, and I love that!  For me, one of the biggest rewards of photography is to help people see, through a photograph, how truly beautiful, unique, and special they are.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the photos...


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